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Q&A with Paul Anderson

Q&A with State Director of RASE, Paul Anderson

H&L: How long have you been in the real estate business and what do you find most rewarding about your career?

PA: I have enjoyed this wonderful business for over 27 years and it is always fun to have buyers or sellers walk away from the closing table with a big smile on their face. It makes no difference if they are first time home buyers or seasoned veterans... the smile is just as big.

H&L: You are currently a State Director of RASE, what is your role in that position? Has it helped your career as a real estate agent?

PA: My role as a State Director of the Realtor® Association of the Sioux Empire (RASE) gives me an opportunity to take the ideas of the association to the state meetings and of course bring ideas and thoughts back to the local association. Meeting other real estate professionals from other communities in both South Dakota and North Dakota is at once fun and profitable. The referral business is much better when you meet someone and they meet you face to face.

H&L: What is the real estate market like in Sioux Falls currently? (What is the average selling price of a home? How long is a home typically on the market? etc.)

PA: Just now the average sales price is in the $182,000 range and taking about 70 days to sell. The market is picking up and has been for a while. We may see some slow down this fall... but we are a hardy bunch and some of us will have great markets through the end of the year.

H&L: What do you think the Sioux Falls real estate market will be link in 2013?

PA: Unless something dramatic happens in the world to have some effect on our overall economy we should have a strong year. The Fed Chairman Bernanke says he will keep rates low though 2014 so expect some good months next year. We think that there is a pent up demand for first time buyers to come into the market place and 2013 is going to be their year.

H&L: What advice can you give people looking to buy a home in Sioux Falls?

PA: This city has much to offer in the form of entertainment, both in sports and music.We have the zoo and museums, and many other things for folks to do... and did I mention shopping. We are easy to get to and our airport is a dandy. Our selection of homes vary from under a hundred thousand to over a million dollars and everyplace between. Single family, townhouse and condos we have it all and in almost every case a quality built home.

H&L: Do you have any advice for people trying to sell their home in Sioux Falls?

PA: The old adage about location, location, location is still true... but not to the extent that it once was... price, price, price is taking over and of course condition plays a big part. Location and condition can be over come with price. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I can be seen in Homes & Land on another page... so please contact me there if buying or selling.

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